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High heels is to let every woman become America's "Cinderella's glass slipper," so long as the woman must learn to wear high heels, but also to go brightest light, people can not help but look! However, with the beautiful high heels, it does not mean that every woman would wear beautiful. Some women do not wear high heels, wearing high heels does not seem deportment thousands, but seemed timid, take the time limping, and some even go dragging shoe stamp step, therefore, we must learn to wear high heels again wear, so as not to play the opposite effect. Let heels to show you do not like the United States.

Because of high heels requires a strong stability, so Chinese traditional cloth shoes fabric is not suitable. Production heels. The most conventional is the most comfortable fabric is wearing cow, sheep and other animals leather, the best course is the first layer of leather; however, the cost of expensive animal skins, for the production of artisans requirements are relatively high, so the leather came into being.

Leather, of course, the cost advantage is cheap, can be mass production machinery, it is consistent with the requirements of an industrialized society. With the development of science and technology, the leather already can do with leather like like a, PU leather is typical. In addition to all kinds of leather, people in pursuit of high heels elegant and luxurious, the expensive metal and jewelry used in the heels of the fabric. Cinderella's glass slipper fall into this category it! These luxury leather shoes if no base, is very comfortable to wear, only suitable as collectibles.

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